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Bolivian Frazada cushion Ref 104

Bolivian Frazada cushion Ref 104

These vibrantly coloured cushions are made from woolen frazadas, the traditional blankets used in the High Andes.

Our frazadas originate from Bolivia, and are used by the Aymara people to protect themselves from the cold cloudless nights of the Altiplano.

They are woven on handlooms from llama wool and once made into cushions are filled with the finest feathers; each one is a piece of art.

These are fair trade products.

Either spot clean with a damp, clean cotton cloth or dry clean. 

Please note that the colours can fade if left out in the sun.

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Length: 60.0 cm (23.6in)

Width: 60.0cm (23.6in)

Depth: 60.0cm (23.6in)

Height: cm (in)

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