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They're back!

We are pleased to re-introduce our exclusive collection of Polish Nativity Churches called Kraków Szopki. Originating in nineteenth century Cracow, Szopki – nativity scenes used for travelling puppet shows - are the jewel in the crown of Polish folk art. Initiated by Cracow’s woodworkers and masons to generate extra income before Christmas, by 1937 the city’s municipal authority had instigated a Szopka competition which still takes place every year in the main market square. Crafted from unassuming materials including cereal boxes and sweet wrappers, the architecture of Poland’s cultural capital is recreated in beautifully intricate miniature then covered from top to bottom in jewel-bright foil, making a joyful backdrop for the Nativity of Jesus. From hand-high to half a metre tall, brighten your mantelpiece with one of Eastern Europe’s greatest festive traditions.

As this is one of our smaller Szopka, which have fewer variations than the larger sizes, we are selling these in a "pot luck" manner as they are all beautiful and not that much different from one another.

Every Szopka is hand made by different artists and as as a result all are unique.

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Card & Sweet Wrappers


Length: cm (in)

Width: 9.0cm (3.5in)

Depth: 5.0cm (2.0in)

Height: 18.0cm (7.1in)

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